The definition of beauty is forever evolving. MR. COSMO - THE GLOBAL ICON is born out of the need to rephrase the approach for the male competitions. We are no longer satiated by the decades-old concept of male beauty adjunctation. MR. COSMO - THE GLOBAL ICON is a global pageant that goes beyond the notion of stereotypical beauty standards and aims to recognize men of the modern world who dare to be authentic. With the ongoing conversation about inclusion and diversity, Mr. Cosmo aim’s to build a platform for the multicultural audience

It is a pageant that represents a new generation of global icons chosen based on their acumen, social impact, talent and positive influence. We aim to provide an international platform to those who want to create positive change personally, professionally and philanthropically as inspirational leaders and role models.

OUR Format


1 contestant will be selected from each participating country


The competition is staged in two rounds, preliminary and final.

During the preliminary round, the contentants are judged:
  • Formal wear
  • Swimwear
  • Ethnic wear

The contestant with highest scores are named as finalist, from which the judges will determine the winner and the runners up.

Criteria to Compete

Age- 18 - 45